Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Team Building and Collaboration

The group that I have the most productive experiences with are the teachers I work with now. We are a high performing group and have established norms within the classroom that allow for each teacher to give input and feel part of the class.
I believe if the educational coordinator split our team apart, we would be very sad because we have built a relationship that even the parents notice works well for their children. 
Just as with my colleagues I physically work with, my “cyber” colleagues have become a big part of my learning experiences.  It will be a sad, but satisfying time when we have all made it to the finish line of this program.  I hope to be able to travel to the graduation to see all that will be in attendance.
I think the adjourning aspect of team building is essential because it gives everyone a chance to finalize the process and see it to the end. 


  1. LOVE your picture, Kali! I also agree about the importance of the adjournment phase in giving everyone a chance to see the process through to the end.

    Where will the graduation be, do you know? Shoot me an email at with any details : )

  2. Elliegal,

    I'm not sure, but last year it was in Minnesota. Thank you for the compliment!

  3. Kali,
    I will miss the weekly collaboration with our colleagues as well. I believe some of us will still keep the early childhood professional lines of communications open.

  4. Sauda,

    I do too! I think some people come into the field saying they love children, but really only love the convenience of a career in early childhood education. For example, being able to have time off because school is out at the same time as their children is sometimes a reason I hear some say they work in a center. While that is a great reason, one should also be there be they have a passion for nurturing young children.

  5. Kali,

    I agree, it would be so cool to see each other face to face at the graduation! I really enjoy connecting through the blogs and discussions!

  6. I have to say I have learned so much from each and everyone of my colleagues through the discussion boards and blogs. I know I haven't really bonded with anyone as much as the others, but I still greatly appreciate everything and I will truly miss the support I receive. Thanks!!

  7. Kali Merritt
    The discussion board is my simulated classroom, and you were a very inspirng classmate. I found great pleasure in our discussion board interactions. Thank you for responding to me and offering your profound opinions. I wish for your continued success in your current studies, and in your future endeavors.