Thursday, September 29, 2011

Who Am I as a Communicator?

I actually love this photo! It depicts the essence of my self-perception.  I have been told that I don't give myself enough credit.  I used to feel inadequate about the way in which I spoke in groups and dealt with colleagues, but never once realizing the "lioness" inside, until now.  I still teeter between self-doubt and self-awareness, but I feel like its a start. I was surprised to see that I was able to be honest enough to see that I am an effective communicator.

The two people that answered the survey questions are very close to me and always tell me the truth, even if it hurts.  I was not surprised that they felt I was empathetic, but needed to protect my heart from hurt more than I do now.  Both evaluations proved to show that I have a balance, but need to have more confidence in myself.

The two insights I'd like to share are:

1. Be the lion in the mirror.  Have the courage to speak to others, even if it makes you step out of your comfort zone.

2.  Never become complacent just because you receive accolades from accomplishments.  Look to the stars and, as the Buddha has said, "Be the light upon your own path." But as early childhood professionals, I will go a step further and say, be a light upon the path of the children and families you interact with.  Communicate to the best of your ability.  Find workshops that will enhance your skills.  But love yourself enough to see your nobility in order to share it with others. 


  1. Kali,
    Isn't it funny that those who are the most conscientious are the hardest on themselves! I find you to be a mindful communicator. I think you choose what you say and how you say it carefully. I wish everyone I dealt with was as self-aware as you are. I love the picture and what it represents.

  2. Aww! Susan!

    You're making me blush! I miss being in class with you. I feel the same way about you!

  3. You are indeed an effective communicator! I can really relate to your feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt and I really appreciate your honesty in your writing. Your insight is great and I am just now finally getting to a point in my life where I do actually speak up for myself and allow myself to be heard. And I love your advice to light your own path in life. This is so true!