Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Family Culture

A description of the three items you would choose

I would take a framed calligraphy drawing of God’s name.  It was painted by a very kind and pious man who seems to have a close relationship to God.
I would piece of each of my children’s infant clothes in a small sack.
 I would take a photograph of my family.

How you would explain to others what each of these items means to you?

I would just explain that these are the most important things I was able to carry with me.  I brought them because I want physical reminders of my life before this terrible event.

Your feelings if, upon arrival, you were told that you could only keep one personal item and have to give up the other two items you brought with you

My honest feelings would not be feelings of sadness for the items because they are only material things and my family and spirituality is in my heart.  I would, however, feel a sense of violation and sadness because I have lost my rights to privacy and general human rights.

Any insights you gained about yourself, your family culture, diversity, and/or cultural differences in general, as a result of this exercise,

This exercise just reinforces my feelings of the importance of memories as opposed to material possessions. We can always have and lost material things, but memories and experiences stay wit us for a lifetime.


  1. Kali,
    To me it was hard trying to choose three items. I enjoyed your blog. Your blog was very honest. In today's society we as a person think because we have something, we tend to let that get in the way of things. You are right, material things will go away, but memories will last a lifetime....Great Post!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I totally agree with you about cherishing material, or placing material thing in a we cannot do without box. Material things can be replaced. If we placed the value of things in their proper places there would be less strife in the world.
    Great insight.

  3. Hey Kali,I enjoyed reading your blog and this is my first class with you,I think Iam going to enjoy reading your blogs as well as us doing our discussion.Memories are something we love to hold on to because when you are sad one day you can think of something good and just brightning your day.