Wednesday, June 22, 2011

When I Think of Research...

What insights have you gained about research from taking this course?

I have gained the ability to decipher between good research designs and great research designs.  I acquired a large vocabulary in this course. My confidence with research has increased and I know, with practice and commitment, I will be an asset to early childhood research.

In what ways have your ideas about the nature of doing research changed?

I don’t think my ideas have changed much, because I have always found research to be a difficult task and with this course, it validated my feeling concerning research.  You have to take so many things into consideration and ensure that all pieces are in place.  Research should not be taken lightly.

What lessons about planning, designing, and conducting research in early childhood did you learn?

I learned that I have to take a tremendous amount of time and care in each of the steps above.  If one rushes the process the result will be a disorganized, invalid design.

What were some of the challenges you encountered—and in what ways did you meet them?

My challenge was chapter 10.  I had to read it three times before I could understand what was going on.  I had to go line by line in order to gather the definitions and purpose for the authors’ descriptions. I read aloud to use multiple senses until it finally clicked!

What are some of the ways your perceptions of an early childhood professional have been modified as a result of this course?

I definitely have to subscribe to more EC resources.  I need to look at the research taking place and evaluate it to determine what will help me become a greater early childhood professional.  I have learned that I cannot do this job alone. I need the support of all fields of study to ensure excellence in my program.


  1. K, I believe that all of our vocabulary has expanded. I agree research should not be taken lightly.

  2. Research in the Early Childhood field is very important and the children are the main factor. Working with children you have to take a lot of things in consideration especially when you are conducting research.

  3. You make excellent points in your blog and even discuss things that I neglected to think about. I agree that my vocabulary has also grown. I also agree that research is very important to the field of early childhood. It was a pleasure working with you in class.