Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sharing Web Resources


This week’s blog was a little difficult, because OMEP-USA has not yet undated their site.  I did, however, find something interesting.  When I clicked on the  for children’s rights, I was pleasantly surprised to see a list of rights the UN and OMEP-USA  feels every child should have. I was also able to find joint statements from OMEP-USNC, ACEI on the rights of children and adolescents.
The rights of children directly correspond to accessibility because every child has a right to a help positive start. And with access to healthcare and quality childcare, children will have the opportunity be all they can be.


  1. Kali,

    I couldn't agree with you more. Proving children with access to quality care and health care gives children a boost as they are prepared physically to learn. Getting the vaccinated before starting school prevents them from being at risk to airborne diseases. Access to quality care can also help with the child's development and they would be able to receive quality learning experiences.

  2. Kali,
    It is great that these two organizations have created a joint statement on accessibility rights for children. Ensuring that children receive appropriate healthcare and developmental services is imperative and I think that having a right to equal education is just as important.