Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A story about a child that touched my heart

The story I wish to share is one of triumph and testimony. My brother and his wife were expecting my nephew in November of 2007.  I would call to check on them frequently and they informed me that she was having complications and didn't think that the baby would make it. I kept reassuring them that whatever was to be will be and not to put emphasis on the uncertain; although I too was nervous for the safety of the baby and my sister-in-law.
As weeks progressed, she was admitted into the hospital and had to basically lay upside. She was in and out of labor until one day, I got a call saying that my nephew was born. He was due in November, but was born July 31, 2007.  Keagan Michael Merritt was born!

My brother sent out an all points email explaining his birth. When they cleared his airway, he cried, which the doctors said was amazing. They had to administer an adrenaline shot, which the doctor told them would only be given once. But she felt "something" told her to administer another. And on the second injection, he began to breath again; and on his own.
It was and is a long battle, three years later. He is learning how to walk and talk, but his cognitive skills are exceptional according to all the specialists. He is a true blessing to our family and he inspires me everyday to be a better person.
I hope that by shortening the story I didn't take anything away from my beautiful nephews story. He is my angel and I am so proud to be his Aunty.


  1. Kali,
    My grandson was also born premature. I will always remember the day he was born and the many days he was in the hospital. I am grateful for the talents of his physicians, pediatricians, physical therapists, and all of the prayers. He is now 8 years old and thriving. Susana

  2. That's wonderful Susana!
    Every time we hear a story about other children born prematurely and are thriving, it gives us even more hope. But he is hope in himself. He shows us everyday that anything is possible.

  3. Another "miracle" baby! May your nephew bring many years of joy to your family. Forty-four years ago in June I was born very premature at 1.5 lbs. I was abandoned at the hospital because I was not expected to survive...I guess I proved them wrong.

  4. You sure did! And look at you now! Yours is a true inspiration as well!